A Knowing Smile

I’m not producing as many posts as I’d like, as the weather here in England is glorious and the roses are out, so I spend much of my day in the garden looking at them while trying to be integrative/ getting my head around the ideas of Jean Gebser. I am resisting the urge to google him as I am determined that this should be my interpretation rather than anyone else’s. Also when others speak of Gebser I’ve no doubt that I will lose my confidence and the point will go with it. I did take a peak at Wikipedia however and came away with the nugget that he died ‘with a soft and knowing smile’. I like that.

I try to imagine what it must have been like for Petrarch toiling up a mountain, while not seeing the depth of landscape and then in a flash seeing it and being so astonished he didn’t tell anyone for ages. And then as more and more people saw it and were astonished, it came into focus gradually until finally Leonardo da Vinci captured it and perspective was birthed. That was the transition from mythical to mental. Now, according to Gebser, we are poised for the next great step-into the integral.

I like the idea that there is a grand integral vision of life that we will one day see and live within. I think I get flashes already when I meditate and feel within the process, in the dynamic dance of self- creation. The image I like is of a magnet at the end of the Universe, drawing us like iron filings ever onward, in a pattern that is already decided by the power that is there ahead pulling. But this can’t be, because there is no time or space in the integral. It just is.

So it’s hard to imagine what’s in store for us as we reach this critical point of becoming. It’s not intellectual that’s for sure. We must each of us find our own integral path but then we move somehow into group mind or shared being; something beyond the subjective .

Talking of subjective (no room for narcissism where we’re going, Allie), I’ve always had my passions. They used to be scientists, with the odd diversion in the direction of Daniel Craig but I find Gebser more to my taste these days. When one of my husbands died, my friend Maud said comfortingly, “I always think it’s best when they die -you know where they are.” I feel that way about Gebser. I know where he is. He died with a  knowing smile, so he knew where he was as well. This is a very comforting end, I feel, for a man of such stature.

Poet, linguist, mystic and philosopher, he hung out with two of my other favourite dead men, Picasso and Jung; fought in the Spanish Civil War(which I’m sure I would have done if I’d been old enough) and through a flash of creative inspiration in 1931 uncovered the next stage in human consciousness.What a man!


2 responses to “A Knowing Smile

  1. You can’t be serious! I’m just trying to get The Ever-Present Origin from the Library. They have only one copy in Vancouver-no,two!-one is at UBC(University) and they are both out. I think I’ll just buy this book, although I promised myself that I will never EVER do it again. My lover has it-he introduced me to J.G. ,but didn’t offer book and I hate to ask…Humph.
    Enjoy the weather and roses.
    Sky cried here all day long.


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