The Messages of Water

I came back from a family wedding at the weekend to another mini flood in the Warren. This one was caused by the washing machine in the flat above. All my electrics were out. My mobile was almost flat. It was what I call A Varanasi Moment. Let me explain.

Some years ago, a few days before my less- than- blue moment on the River Ganges, I arrived at Varanasi station, just before 6 am, with no cash, nowhere to stay and no-one I knew that side of Delhi. I stood in the bathroom as the train drew into the station, my feet in a puddle of missed pee, and looked in the mirror.’ This has to be the lowest point of my life’ I thought to myself and felt depair wash over me. Yet half an hour later I was sitting on a verandah in the morning sunshine, having toast and jam in the Hotel Surya, in those days a very simple affair. The owner was to become a life long friend and that day was, looking back on it, the hinge of my life.

So I coped with the flood. I asked a neighbour to help, found an electrician and started to learn again how to live without washing machine, dishwasher,and oven for a couple of weeks, while my kitchen walls dry out. Three floods in a year I think to myself. Is the Universe trying to tell me it is time to move from the cosy safety of The Warren and embark on a new adventure?  In times of crisis water is often implicated. It after all represents all that is deep; soul, consciousness and creativity are over time and in many cultures, represented by water.

I attended the first workshop that Dr Masaru Emoto gave in England. His photographs of water crystals give visual entry into a world that cannot be encountered with the senses. Photographing crystals is not an easy task, for the very act of photographing produces heat that melts the crystal. It took Masau Emoto 10 years to perfect the technique. When he and his team captured the first crystal he said he ‘wept tears’. As his experiments continued he realised that the absence of hexagonal crystals was a sign that life had been compromised energetically. Dead water can be brought back to life with music and kind words.  Music was a form of healing long before it became an art form. A group of us watched a film of  a crystal forming from the centre out to the music of The New World Symphony and we all felt the presence of spirit and recognised it as a soulful experience. It was much like the feeling I had when watching a computer-generated Mandlebrot set forming.

Water was created in the swirling formation of our universe and without it life would not have evolved the way it has. One could go so far as to say that water holds the key to questions about the meaning of life. As it had come to be accepted that experiments are subtly changed by the observer’s viewpoint, so it has been noticed that water, the connective ingredient in life, affects and connects everything, including (especially)consciousness, via infectious coherence. How synchronistic that all this new information is becoming available to us as we enter the astrological age of the water carrier, Aquarius.

Water is quantum coherent which means that it carries the code for the interconnectedness of all matter on the planet. Information which is itself a vibration is transferred through water, much like we hear sounds on cassette tape. A molecule is like a compact disc that cannot be heard until it is played through an electronic system. The electronic system is water. As time and space do not exist on a quantum level, where all things happen at the same moment, water and consciousness are each and the same. Fluid spirit the Hopi call it. Water creates the bridge between medium and meaning because the two things work according to the same principles.

Water is beginning to be seen as a substance that is an integral part of the liquid crystalline structure of living organisms. Minute chemical modifications produce great consequences in the function of the organism. Water is the messenger.

Materially, metaphorically and mythologically water takes us home. It is what Gebser would call origin. It is to be hoped that we will collectively realise its importance before our obsessive material craving wrecks the very source itself. All water moves as one and as such is a great metaphor for what is happening worldwide, as we so slowly realise the deep implications of the words ‘ we are all in this together’ and hopefully treat water with the respect it deserves before we wreck the synergy that collectively holds us in place.


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