Changing the Shape of Time

The resident sickness of our time is not cancer; it is closed mindedness, and skepicism. Toxic as the tar that is washing the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico,  it is swilling through our lives and denying that which is beautiful and truthful and real. Crop circles are helping us to change the shape of time and how we see the world we live in. I don’t want to get into who makes them. Their grace and beauty is a gift and the dialogue that their arrival sets off is slowly changing the way that we see reality.

What is extraordinary about crop circles is that they are created in such a limited window (usually between 2-4am), with no mistakes and increasingly complex shades and shadows, often with 3D effects. I speak not of hoaxes. The ones I speak of respect the integrity of the crop, without breaking the stem or stalk. Often the nodes are blown, as if a head of steam has been created that the stalk could not accommodate. Pure iron, magnetite and increased crystallinity are present in varying degrees when lab. tests are done on the manipulated crops.

Then there are the ghost circles. Why are these not more publicly acclaimed? After the crop has been mown, the image of a true circle remains in the soil, to be revealed in its ghostly glory after a fall of snow or in outline through the budding crop the following year. Is this not something to wonder at? See for yourself on the Crop Wisdom website.

The photograph of the glyph above ( thanks to Olivier Morel) is of the most startling design of 2009. It appeared in three parts at Milk Hill. The first on solstice 21 June was relatively simple (see above). Two days later it grew an appendage consisting of a series of rectangles, highlighting the numbers 1-2-3-4-5 but the most wonderful part arrived on 30th June when five streams of hierogyphs were added to the main body, looking like a script that we might one day be able to decipher. See the gyph in all its glory here.

John Michell wrote that “a great power has arisen directing thoughts and perception… towards a more complete and satisfactory view of reality. We can now see something of what the ancients meant when they spoke of revelation.” An astonishing amount of disinformation clouds the pursuit of meaning around the crop circle question. Their true nature is certainly being kept from the general public by scurrilous means. 10,000 crop circles world wide since the late 70’s and the world wide net are helping to change perception but skepicism, deceit and cunning are slowing down the progress of the revolution that we are moving through (mostly with eyes closed). Nevertheless the proto-typical rational earth-dweller is coming to terms with his/her cosmic wholeness for the first time. In this process “it is of signal importance whether or not the strength achieved by our consciousness will comprehend the originary presence of the spiritual”  Gebser. What is important is not the future in its temporal and external aspect but its presence in us.

As Gebser tells us, the new consciousness can only be awakened-not forced out or striven for. Preconceived ideas have to be put aside and detachment towards oneself and the world observed. It is not a higher structure that we are mutating into, as it is beyond spatial structure. It is within at this moment. I like to think that the Milk Hill formation is indicating , with its pendulum in phase one, that time that is going to mutate into something we don’t understand yet but will soon develop into meaning.



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