Gene Expression

It’s no good, I can’t get him out of my head. Especially that long shot of him at the top of the hill, next to the scarecrow. What a marriage of metaphor and archetype! A powerful and lonely man doing his best to cope with questions that ultimately have no answers and battling on regardless. Sexy and hard- hitting, as only an archetype can be.

He’s not the only gene that’s attracting my attention and I’ve got a sneaky feeling that they are connected. We are biding our time, waiting for something to happen that will switch on the necessary genes to take us to the next level. And we thought we were watching light entertainment. I bet the writers didn’t know quite what they were writing. Only everybody knows (who said that?). That’s why it’s still vibrating through the blogsphere and beyond. It’s making us all think again about the nature of reality.

It will be happening soon and the circles are a part of the process. Looking at them, talking about them, listening to Michael Glickman’s take on the axiomatic geometry involved, working out what they are saying and what they are doing… it’s all helping us to swim ever closer to a new surface. When the waters break we will be birthed into a new reality and it will happen in a gnat’s fart (is that a Gene expression?)

Then we will see with clarity what we need to see and will no longer be doomed to wander like the restless spirits of  Fenchurch East. It took the world by surprise, that ending. I wonder if the writers realised they were being used as a channel for getting essential information about the nature of reality out there in time for the transition.

Our grip on the nature of our reality was smashed when Keats threw the machine and opened up everything to the stars. That is our home. It’s the part that lives after we enter The Railway Arms and it’s the part that holds safe the ever- present origin. It was there at the beginning and will be there at the end, evolving quietly within the consciousness of our being. Suddenly even T.S Eliot makes sense.  All is eternally present beyond the door of The Railway Arms. A picture is indeed greater than a thousand words. Thanks to all those responsible for Ashes to Ashes and of course to DCI Hunt for turning on a gene!

“Sudden in a shaft of sunlight

Even while the dust moves

There rises the hidden laughter

Of children in the foliage

Quick now, here, now, always-

Ridiculous the waste sad time

Stretching before and after.”                    T.S.Eliot. Burnt Norton

When we all see this, we enter the intense and transparent new world.


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