The Unification of Consciousness

Sometimes I feel as if I am spitting in the wind and that no-one is the least bit interested in what I am thinking, doing and saying. When my stats. droop, charity shopping returns. Then something happens that tells me that I am being smiled upon by the spirit that ever was and is. So another step is taken and my confidence returns. Then I remember that I am on a mission.

On Friday I found a tracksuit in deep chocolate brown, sitting there on the rails of Tenovus, our local cancer charity, saying size 14, £4.50. The label said Made in Italy and the material felt expensive. It was only when I checked the trousers that I saw the label Giorgio Armani-not even Emporio Armani, the diffusion line. I paid my money with shaking hands and took it home, without a plastic bag, of course. Even draped over my arm it felt glamorous. It was ages before I plucked up the courage to try it on, in case it didn’t fit. I really need to have more faith! Of course it fitted- as if it had been made for me, which I suppose in a way it had been.

The feeling of connection that I got from that find is a direct hit of origin, and it is this, magnified and intensified, that will one day supplant the resident feeling of confusion that gives our world its characteristic stamp. The fact that I feel it at all indicates that I am already part of the integrity that is always origin and present. It is a wonderful feeling and I’d like it to be a more common experience.

I am now exactly half way through The Ever Present Origin by Jean Gebser and already the world has taken on a special new glow. It is as if I have been catapulted into the third act of an opera and am part of the build up to the finale. Everything is now taking on the form of an arrow pointing ahead to something momentous; something that we are each one of us going to be involved in.

I hope we manage to make the necessary changes in time, for the sake of  my grandson, Archie and his whole generation. No one mentions the babies when they talk about the shift we are preparing  for. I trust they will make the necessary adjustments through their mothers. With Mimi as his mother he is in good hands and even though she wants to know nothing of this now, she will be ready when it comes.

We are living the conclusion. To make the transition, some would call it the flight, we must know the origin as present. This is experiential, so is difficult to explain in words. It means living and dying in the whole; in integrity. This in itself involves being present at all times. As we live in proliferating chaos, this isn’t easy. We each create our bubble (lies I suppose Dr Rowe would call them) but those bubbles are part of a spatial world; a bursting spatial world.

A new perspective is forming to help us to escape from the consciously realised external world of matter. There within that perspective is the possibility of a space-free world. No, I can’t explain it any more clearly than that, as I haven’t the words and we haven’t been here before, so it’s not a question of history repeating itself. We are living through a new event and we, each one of us, is responsible for realising the next incrementation.

First we must know where we are and that we are here in the world to sustain it. This involves being active; freed like snakes from our tight and outworn skins we must move through this transient age into the new. To do this we must learn to live our lives consciously, looking all the time into ourselves to find the principle of life and thus creating our flight deck through individual soul work. But we fly together.

We are being shown the way, not through words which is impossible, but through glyphs. Whoever is putting the crop formations in the fields, they are showing us the direction that we need to take. Only by uniting the consciousness of everyone will we make the necessary transition(flight).

We are moving through the individual, into the expanded and will be arriving, hopefully, in the united. Our motto is a suitably Obama- sounding Together we can do it. It is time to move away from cynicism and skepticism. What is happening is too big for that. We are bursting out of our rationalist skins into something freer and finer and in so doing realising the purpose of the Universe.

If you are interested in what I’ve said above, check out the website of Dr Victoria Popova and Dr Lidia Andrianova, two Russian scientists who have been working on the mechanism of consciousness for fifteen years and are convinced that crop circles are emergency symbols that point to the fully defined future. Their website is They even provide translation.


2 responses to “The Unification of Consciousness

  1. ‘with Mimi as his mother’ brought tears to my eyes Mumsie xxx


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