Conduit Opening

Five gorgeous Irises have arisen from the ground during the weekend, while I have been staying in hot Dorset with Aunty Mu. Hot because of the 28 degree sun temperature outside but hot also because of Aunty’s insistence on keeping on the central heating full blast. ‘If we don’t mess with it Allie, it wont go wrong,’ she said firmly. Some years ago I fiddled with the thermostat, thinking that with limited vision she would never know. The next time I visited there was were a couple of rubber nipples glued on it so that she could feel the alignment of her choice of temperature. She’s still clever at 98 is Aunty Mu. And good company too. She spoke about the difference between east end and west end in towns in Britain and how the rich always live up west while the poor are ghettoed in the east. It’s because of the prevailing wind apparently.

Everyone was talking in church about the astonishing blast of summer on Sunday. Did you know that the British spend an average of 49 hours a year talking about the weather, which is six months of a lifetime? That’s Daily Mail statistics for you. Personally I ponder their use even if they are true.

Truth. Now there’s a big word. And not much in evidence out there. In here(touches heart) it’s a different matter. The fourth crop circle has appeared right next to the Wilton Windmill in Wiltshire. Whether it’s  a communication from the unknown or the brainchild of a clever and underemployed mathematician is not clear. It is a circle cut, pizza- like, into twelve segments with markings in each segment. By all accounts it can be decoded into a close proximation to Euler’s identity, a very elegant formula that brings together all the major foundations of mathematics. I sometimes wonder if out there somewhere there is an enlightened maths teacher using crop circles to teach the unteachable. It would be a ploy to keep bums on seats and eyes on the board, don’t you think?

Anyway it’s a formation that has created great excitement on the net, particularly in the week that a self styled UFO expert reckons that the Voyager2 spacecraft may well have been hijacked by aliens. Voyager 2 you will remember is an unmanned probe, which was launched 33 years ago with a disc containing music and greetings in 55 languages. Well, it’s been sending back signals in an unknown data format. It could be aliens of course, but it also could be a malfunctioning system. Who can tell the difference until the code is cracked?

Ditto the message in the Windmill circle which is apparently encoded in ASCII(American Standard Code for Information Interchange), which the circlemakers have used before, most famously at the Crabwood Disc Formation of ’02. Now I can’t read ASCII and I haven’t the time to learn it, so I have to take it on trust that the image to the left(thanks Lucy Pringle) says e(hi)pi)1=)0 which is as near as dammit the Euler Identity. This says nothing to me and not much more to a mathematician because there is an error in the code.

Now the circlemakers do not make mistakes. If the conduit is opening and there are messages coming through why don’t they say something clear like, ‘Go to the shops and buy some chocolate.’? Why instead give us an enigmatic and ultimately unusable equation?

I need to clear my head so I go into the garden and gaze at Iris blue. Now there is truth.  Five of them stand there, with the sunlight catching a single spider thread that crosses my line of vision. To the left, I am glad to see some bees investigating the last of the apple blossom. My garden at the Warren is a haven. Last week, as I glanced out of the window, in one single moment I could see a squirrel drinking from the pond, two ring doves on the bird table, a blackbird strutting on the grass and a robin on the statue’s head. I noticed that he, the statue I call Eric, is sinking into the soil and, like me, could do with a structural uplift.

‘Your home exudes contentment Allie,’ Dor said the other day. About time too. I’ve travelled far to come come home. Now I live the motto, ‘The answer lies in your own backyard.’ It was Omar Khayyam who suggested that life is a transformation and indeed mine has been a journey to myself and an ever increasing intensifying of what I found within.

I am realising The Living Knowledge daily. After a science century of the quantifiable, the time is coming for the immeasurable and I am preparing myself for it.  By this I mean I am working towards conscious integration, which requires the polar physical and psychic for self completion. Understanding alone will never lead to the level of integration necessary for the shift;  the heart has to be engaged. Each contains the other, an ambiguity the T’ai Chi expresses perfectly. This is the Chinese symbol of origin, the dark and the light continually in tandem each flowing into the other undivided by boundary.

Gebser says there is no such thing as the unconscious, only various intensities of consciousness; a one dimensional magic, a two dimensional mythical, a three dimensional mental and the one coming into view-the integral four dimensional whole. Only in psychic terms do symbols form the complementary whole, as unity always rests with ambivalence. This is the truth and it is a truth that cannot be reached by the rational/mental alone.

When certain interconnections come into our conscious view, they affect the way we look at them. It is in constant movement that the tension reveals the truth. Materialised time and soul need space and body for their unfolding. That is why they are there and we are here.

When we look at the manifestations in the field, even on the internet, we are intensifying our connection with the truth. It is unfolding, moment by moment and is bringing our consciousness to a new level of intensity. It is both being the process and feeding the process, thus facilitating a transformation. It doesn’t matter what the code says, the circle is and we are changing imperceptibly because of it, whoever put it there. That ultimately means that the conduit is opening.


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