The Unfolding

It’s been a week of magic.

First the bluebell wood that materialised just as I had imagined it, following exactly a pet theory of mine re. form following hot on the heels of function (in this case thought) through an alignment of consciousness and matter. Then there was the spectacular unfolding of the second circle of 2010, a five hundred footer, just across the road from Stonehenge. Both creations of hazy, mysterious beauty, each marking transition. The first, from Spring to summer, the second from three to fourth dimensional living.

First the bluebell wood. I was led down a dark, overgrown lane by instinct, with Dor behind saying, ‘there’s no way through here’, ever more faintly as I followed my nose through the undergrowth. In no time I was out into a narrow road, waiting for Dor and Tottie to catch up. Then we moved down to the valley floor. At the end of the road was a cottage with a couple drinking tea at a table in their garden. Never one to let a chance of connection go by(you never can tell the angels!) I called out, ‘ You’ve got yourselves a slice of paradise here’, and in moments they were with me ready for a chat. This so often happens when people, newly in the country, miss the everyday discourse we city dwellers take for granted. We talked elections and connections and finally they gave us a route back to the village, by following the stream on the valley floor to another road and then up through a wood, across a field and back to where we started.

The scent of the bluebells hit us before we left the road. That mysterious sweetness much loved by old ladies and classic parfumiers. A scent that has always seemed to me to carry a faint whiff of death. I’ve always imagined that Hades smelled of bluebells.

And there they were, dense and oh so blue, giving a glimpse from the beyond. There is such a bevity in their stay. Hurry they seem to say, we haven’t long before the canopy of leaves locks out our life, watch us reach perfection and pouff! we’re gone. So I gave them my full attention, being present to their density and the strange intensity of their colour; royal,electric, constantly on the move between one tone and another, alive and in a rush to become completely themselves  before it is too late.

When we scrambled out of the shade into the sunlit field, I told Dor that I wished that I had brought my camera but almost instantly I knew I was glad that I hadn’t, for my eyes had seen the glory and that was exactly as it should be.  I intended to see bluebells and so it  followed that I would, however convoluted the route to them might be. My world view, with intention unfolding into reality, may sound ego-centric but in truth we are all dancing this dance on one level or another. I’m glad I choose to be awake to it.

I’m glad too that I am awake to the message of the circles. The second of the summer is here(see illustration above-thanks to Marie Asmar for her generosity).To my eyes and heart it seems to be an unfolding of the first. In this one the swathes of feathering escape the confines of the circle and dance over the field of yellow rapeseed. ‘Look at what we can do when we are released,’ it seems to be saying. ‘Out of one comes life and with life the power to form shape. This is what life is-glorious and to be danced!’

Both of this year’s circles so far contain an element of watchfulness. Both seem to be looking at me, checking that I am there.’ Are you ready to see?’  they say to me. The eyes follow me, telling of a journey that they are going to take me on, if I am receptive and up for it. Of course I am.

It’s unfolding right now before our eyes, if we choose to see. The cosmos itself forms a circle, drawing the energy for its rotation from its polarity. Crop circles give us the opportunity to lose our individuality and unite with everything. The future is present within. It is unfolding each minute, each hour, each day, each year. Such is the process of becoming; what Gebser would call the mutation into integral structure, from the straightjacket and dead- end of mere quantitative rational thought. Oh my, am I glad I signed up for the ride of a lifetime! This is what co-creation means. Be it through a bluebell wood or the interpretation of a crop formation or whatever we choose, our consciousness allows us to encompass what is to come, for the future is here within us. We not only form it-it forms us.In that sense the future is present. All we have to do is open up and receive what is unfolding before our very eyes.


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  1. Great post Allie


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