A Week in the Country

I’m off for a week to the country with no laptop, no mobile, no distractions. Just Dor, Tottie and Jean Gebser of course, who explains that the future is with us at this moment and the seeds are grown in the humus of the past. Staying away from rational thought isn’t hard for me and it makes sense that we are witnessing the unfolding rather than evolution of our destiny. He warns us to be suspicious of so called progress and its resultant misuse of technology. The mutation process we are living within is spiritual, not biological or historical. As the new always meets strong opposition , it takes courage to look for what is almost here. An important point that Gebser makes is that first there was light and then the eye; first the word and then the speaking mouth; first the thought and then the cerebrum, capable of reflective thinking. Thus we move via the spiritual principle, balancing along the way the latent future with the present. All we have to do to birth the new is stay within our strictly wakeful being and remain in the present.

With this in mind I’m not reading too much into my date with Sylvester. We were perfectly happy in one another’s company, eating and talking about what has brought each of us to the present. Of course he’s read Gebser but his take on the ideas were a little too much for me. I was distracted by thoughts of what he might look like without clothes. I was also overwhelmed by the peppers in my pizza, the eyes across the table and the difficulties of being fully present, while balancing there on the edge of my understanding. We checked one another out from afar, recognised the limitations of what is on offer and made an arrangement to see one another again in a couple of weeks. That’s enough for now; we are both old enough to take our time. Time is something that I have no clear idea about, like mass. And the transformation is all about a global relationship with time.  I’ve plenty to mull over in the days ahead, as I walk through cow parsley and sit stunned by the spectacle of bluebells. There was after all a time when humans didn’t see that blue. Plenty to dwell on there. I hope by the time I return there will be more clues in the fields of Wiltshire.   (photo above by Allie)


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