Interesting Times

The first circle is in! On a Ley line that includes a number of hill forts and Stonehenge there it is, in canola at Old Sarum nr Salisbury. 180 feet in diameter, a circle containing six arcs, intercepted by a smaller circle, all neatly contained  within a larger. Below the arc are seven circles and a lozenge that could be interpreted as an eye. Outside the circle(at the base of the photo above by Lucy Pringle) is another tiny one. The formation is  similar to the Oliver’s Castle 07 circle that was also the first of the year in canola. In this one the conduit is open. The doorway to a higher consciousness is open, it seems to be saying-all you have to do to pass through it to see.

On the day it was reported, an Amazon parcel landed on my doormat. It contained a book that more than vibrated in my hands -it gave me palpitations. It is The Ever- Present Origin by Jean Gebser, which integrates the advanced knowledge of now with the spiritual sources of the past. It maps in a scholarly way how events create change in mankind and prophesies the great changes we are living through at the moment, identifying them as a breakdown of the old way of seeing. He states with impressive authority that if we are open minded, we become co-creators in the integral consciousness structure and thus part of the emerging world view. This is the new consciousness, that will replace the deficit mental structure- rational consciousness. The book was first published when I was a child.

We are by all acounts reaching  the long- awaited zenith of confusion, that will lead to a necessary breakthrough. We can assist the birth or we can await the catastrophe, but come it will, this change.

I have spent the last twenty years forging ahead on my journey towards wholeness, not really aware that what I was doing was part of something as huge as the Renaissance realisation of perspective. Before the 1500’s, depth of landscape didn’t exist as an idea in the minds of mankind. When it came, it was a like being catapulted into three dimensional living. Now the same sort of thing is on the point of happening and the result will be a global catapulting into the fourth dimension. Then we will all be using time meaningfully-in order to create time freedom. When the individual learns to see himself as a whole, then, as a whole person, he/she can perceive the wholeness of the universe itself. According to Gebser the divine and spiritual origin that is ever present will then be revealed.

I believe that crop circles are helping us to reach forward into new ideas, pushing the boundaries of perspective. They are meant to be felt, experienced and interpreted symbolically. They are introducing ideas that are original, wacky and weird. Vistas are opening, if only we can receive them. Universal intelligence is limitless; best receive it as a child, they seem to say. Go where nature is leading and be open to learning new ways of being and seeing.

If an idea doesn’t fit it wont have any effect, however well you speak the words. However passionate, right and real the idea might be, it has to wait its time. The progress I am speaking of is a collective event. We all have to accept it, in order for it to become real. Then a resonant interaction will take place.

Rationing is an idea before its time. It doesn’t yet seem possible that the whole of the Western world will one day accept that there is no longer an entitlement to transport, food, fuel and accoutrements and they must all be  limited. But the time will come when this can be the only option. And when that time comes, people will know what they have to do, because they will see what needs to be seen.

In this respect ideas are like lasers that work their magic through coherence. There is an affinity between energy and matter. The only part touched by the laser beam is that with a harmonious wave form. Crop circles are part of a similar process of alignment. They are leading us to a fixed point (absolute zero) which will provide a harmonic gateway into the next dimension. We will move into a new global way of seeing as profound as the realisation of perspective and it will be as if we’d never seen otherwise. These are indeed interesting times and they are set to get even more interesting. Tonight I’ve got a date with Sylvester!


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