The Woven Circle

It’s May day and all over my city morris dancers are rattling their bells and throwing their flowers around in circles. But my mind is on other circles.I know, this is my third crop circle post but half the world, whether they know it or not, is waiting with baited breath for the overdue first formation of 2010 and the tension is getting to me. Call me compulsive, I don’t mind. It’s late because we’ve just had the hardest winter in 30 years here in UK. It took out my favourite rose and nearly did for the umbrella plant outside my front door, which has thrived for the eighteen years that it’s been mine, since I rescued it from a skip. This means also that the rapeseed is way behind and of course the cereals are too young to offer a canvas, so I have to be content with thoughts about last year’s woven circle which Karen Alexander is known to have called ‘undoable’.

The night the formation went down(July 14 2009) someone was covering East Field nr Alton Barnes until 4.15 when a fog came, so this extraordinary event appeared in quite a small window of time. At dawn it was revealed as a 170 foot woven wheat circle with a chevron or herringbone weave. This was an extraordinary event; a consciousness expanding phenomena, that relatively few people were able to interact with, because of the pattern of orchestrated denial that follows hot on the tail of each such event.

We are being reawakened to meaning in some mysterious and mystifying way; an energy is alive in the fields of Wiltshire all the year around but since the 70’s it has slowly found an increasingly complex way of identifying itself. Dogs howl, cameras fail, batteries discharge, apples disappear and luminous balls dance over the surface of crops. They tell us that the earth is alive and that in its ebb and flow it breathes just like the children to which it gave birth. It shows us how to stand back and try to push our perception beyond its comfort zone. It is all a matter of scale it seems to say. The cosmos is to us humans as the body is to the cell; too huge to contemplate but is nevertheless working.

Logical mind is no use here.  We are being given the opportunity to extend our circuitry and see something that we have never seen before. Consciousness is in the process of a great mutation. The computer has opened the door to astonishing change. Pixel images of crop circles, played through a computer program that turns each pixel into sound, releases music in the Alpha wave band, that brings much deep contentment. These are arrows that point to the impending change in consciousness. When the zenith of change is forecast in the summer fields, is it any wonder that I get excited? Crop circles, whoever creates them, are doorways into a new sense of being. When we see what we are being led towards, we will be reconnected to that which holds it all together. We will then realise that the world doesn’t begin and end here; we are a part of something bigger.When we see this everything will change.


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