Modern Mystery

If you still think that crop circles are made with ropes, sticks and boards, take a look at this one. It is the mysterious Crooked Soley circle that appeared in 2002 in a lonely field, way off the beaten track outside Hungerford. We are very lucky we even have a shot of it, as the combine harvester was heading in its direction even as the photo was being taken. Look at it carefully. There is no marking in the central circle, which means that no one stood there while drawing the circumference. But the mystery doesn’t end there. The complex geometry of the circle takes place over 300 feet, with just one tiny flaw-one of the squares that lies over a tramline is only partially flattened. And the design, which would be stunning, even if drawn on paper, let alone carved out of corn, is  that of a twisting DNA strand, with perfect six fold symmetry and made from 792 squares laid down and 504 left standing. According to  John Michell the numbers 5040 and7920 are central to the sacred canon of number, found within all ancient cultures. It portrays a design known in esoteric lore as the’ Keys to Creation’. These keys are from time to time revealed when human spirit is in need of renewal and earth itself is in need of replenishment. This circle is one of the wonders of the modern world and yet few people know anything about it. If your interest has been aroused, check out the book Crooked Soley A Crop Circle Revelation and become a part of the revelation.


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