Earth Day

I can’t let the 40th Earth Day go by without a comment but I’m tired as I went to the opera last night. Tosca. What drama! I was so caught up in the second act that I grabbed the knee of the man sitting next to me. He didn’t come back after the second interval. When at the very end Tosca threw herself off the parapet to her death, I remembered a performance in the 60’s when Joan Sutherland did the same and the mattress provided for her soft landing did the job so well she reappeared in full view of the audience. I giggled all the way home thinking of it. Now that’s catharsis!

But the state of the earth is no laughing matter. It’s not global warming we need to worry about but global breakdown. The politicians of all parties are here in Bristol tonight, debating. I can hear the helecopters overhead. Not one of them is talking about rationing or banning or anything radical, yet it’s only the radical that can save us now. So I have headed this post  with an image which will perhaps draw your attention to the fact that our ancestors understood a lot more about the earth than we know today. I don’t know about you but it makes me feel humble.


One response to “Earth Day

  1. Excellent post Allie – I have never enjoyed opera as much as last night; the drama was intense and the music thundered all around!! Il Cavaliere must dread the curtain going up on another groundhog day!


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