The Crop Circle Enigma

Last year the first circle appeared in rapeseed on the Ridgeway near Avebury Wiltshire, on 14th April, followed on the 19th by one at West Kennett longbarrow. So I tap into The Crop Circle Connector every morning  in anticipation of the first of the 2010 circles, but so far nothing. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if this year no crop circles appeared at all. A lot of people would be out of business for sure.

What fascinates me most about the phenomena is the dishonest practices that abound and the number of blatant scams that weave themselves around the subject. It’s easy to get lost in this maze. I keep my relationship with the subject simple. I go on my own experience of what it feels like to stand in a fresh crop circle and I keep my mind wide open.

Last year I asked someone who had spent the whole summer checking out circles as they arrived, how many he thought were mysterious and how many were man-made and he said without hesitation 30:70%

There are some very talented circlemakers (small case =man: big case=other, OK?) out there. Team Satan for example, who have changed their name to The circlemakers, in order no doubt to confuse matters further. Team members are Rod Dickinson, John Lundberg and Will Russell. Rob Irving is their circle making friend. The trouble is that it is hard to work out who made what. As the name of their game is mystique, I’m surprised we know their names at all. Ego is a powerful force.

Crop circles are a highly complex phenomena, whoever makes them and they are important because of the emotions they evoke. Life is so short on epiphanies these days that any interaction with the unknown is welcome. It’s all a matter of wavelength, literally and metaphorically. There is a deep and special connection between the unseen and the seen, the invisible and the visible. Whoever is working in the fields of Wiltshire is working towards the integration of the brain of the viewer and the resultant rise in their frequency, whether that is their aim or not.

Gerald Hawkins, Emeritus Professor of Astronomy, has discovered Euclidean geometry and diatonic ratios present in corn circles, requiring the sort of familiarity in higher maths that you would not expect from the sort of disaffected and rebellious youth drawn to hoaxing, however addicted to his art he might be. Euclid had hinted that a fifth theorem could be derived from the other four. Prof Hawkins set a challenge in Science News and Mathematics Teacher to come up with it. No one offered an answer. But a field did in Litchfield did (appropriately enough) in 1995.

Several thousand square feet of crop is regularly laid down suddenly, in designs of immense complexity and hypnotising beauty. The most famous one of these, known as the Stonehenge Fractal, appeared right alongside the A303  in 1996, with witnesses galore to verify that it appeared in a 45 minute window of time. It was a huge glyph 915 feet long comprising 151 circles. Now isn’t that amazing? Yet the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic make programmes debunking corn circles using shameful practices. Why?

The photograph above is a shot of the real thing. A fabulous design encoding ratios previously unknown. It is known as the Spiderweb and appeared in 1994 and was described as one of the most striking formations of all time. The design involves a twentyfold division of a circle. Sometimes a mirror reflection of our DNA turns up. This is something to reflect on in itself, because of the importance of molecular handedness. Did you know for example that the difference between the smell of an orange and a lemon is due to the same molecule but in left and right handed forms?

Crop circles , whoever puts them in the fields, are awesome and help me to fall in love with the whole of existence all over again. This is the greatest secret of all, as when this happens I am moved from the body into the spirit, where all the really important things take place.


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  1. Gosh – I note you’ve written >44,00 words over >100 pages since 13th December ! This is deep, sometimes sad, often fun, usually salacious and always admirable material Allie. I bet this blog gets read more than if you published a book ?


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