Viral Voodoo

I’m starting to see how a blog infiltrates cyberspace in a viral way. Allie seems to be turning up all over the place and I haven’t really started trying yet. I just sit down and write and hope someone is interested in reading what I write. Sometimes I have to confess to a little manipulation. I’ve been guilty of employing a little mild voodoo to help the process along; a pinch of dried chicken plasma here, a little calf embryo extract there, or a small frog’s intestine disguised as more user friendly sexy tags or attention catching headers and sure enough in no time at all, there I am tagged as ‘latex slut’  on some webcatcher site. I guess what this means is that Allie ‘s going viral.

It’s just what had been going on in modern virology in the last fifty years. Ever since the malignant cancer cells of Henrietta Lacks were kept alive by being fed a concoction of human blood, beef cattle embryo extract and chicken plasma. The fact that this worked so well on these particular cells and kept them alive and producing, heralded a new extravagant phase in virology. A new human tissue cell line was created and quickly spread through the cancer laboratories of the world, without any thought of the known and unknown viruses present in the chicken, beef and human blood mix that fed the cells.

As the cells (called HeLa after the donor) went viral, they formed the foundation of what we know today as virology and biotech, at a time when scientists had little understanding of how viruses recombine with other viruses and can infect bacteria as well as human cells. This means that anyone who has had a vaccine will have some HeLa cells in them and these are cancer cells. What is so alarming is that vaccines are being used without full knowledge of  the how and why. The history of virology in the last 50 years is murky to say the least.

Then start wondering why the Amish, who do not generally vaccinate their children, have a low incidence of autism. And then perhaps question the coincidence involved when a series of Hepititis B vaccine trials in New York City in 1978 preceded the outbreak of AIDS by a few months.

Check out The Way of all Flesh by Adam Curtis and find out about the widespread contamination with HeLa cells.


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