Go and Learn

Yesterday spring arrived here in England, after a very chilly Easter, so I decided to celebrate by walking down the hill to an area where interesting shops have sprung like crocuses in a row. Shops like Rag Trade, which I entered with high hopes and exited somewhat despondently, having checked every item for an English 14, to little avail. I have always been tall and slim and I have always been a size 14. Now everyone with an interest in clothes is a 10, so I seem destined to a future in black basics plus accoutrements. With this in mind I purchased a black and white Italian silk scarf, a sequined beret, oh yes and a sexy Ghost dress, size Small, that fitted as if made for me. The only trouble is that it has cap sleeves that do nothing to disguise my turkey arms. I’ll think of something to sort that out. On leaving the shop I was overwhelmed by one of those rare terminal feelings and as I was only a short walk from Heaven and Earth, I decided to go and gather some brochures on funeral plans.

Simon, the proprietor, was very helpful and bucked me up no end by taking a look at me and saying that, as I was unlikely to be needing the service any time soon, I should hang on, because there were some exciting new ideas in the pipeline that involve freeze drying the body, then shaking it until it collapses into granules, like a jar of Nescafe. It’s being tried out in Scandanavia apparently and by the time I need it will be the way to go.

Much encouraged by this information, I proceeded down the road to a secondhand bookshop for a touch of the old serendipity. Bloom and Curl didn’t let me down. I bought a replacement copy of My Secret Garden, a book now so well thumbed it has fallen apart at the seams, not just by me but by Lala and Mimi and all their friends as they were growing up. Just what I need with my Omax to spice up my solitary rites of spring.

But the true prize of the morning was The Power of Kabbalah by Yehuda Berg, a book that claims to be a user’s guide to the universe. I caught the bus home with it buzzing gently in my hand and spent the rest of the day reading it, only to discover that it sums up my thoughts on the nature of things. I love it when my world is affirmed in this way; it feels as if the Universe is smiling at me. You’re on the right track Allie, it seems to be saying , just keep going and never lose faith that you are part of something extraordinary.Now go and learn some more.


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