What’s it All About?

‘I wish I could lead my life magically, like you,  Allie,’  Dor said at some point this weekend, and her words started off a train of thought that moved fast, driven no doubt by chocolate in the system. I haven’t always lived my life like this. Oh no, there was a time when I thought that  life was something that happened to me between waking and bedtime. Thinking in this way, I became so miserable and uncomfortable in my skin, that something had to change. Me. I slowly became aware that I actually create my reality through my thoughts. Not just the words but the meaning of the words that passed through the system had to change.  Soon I got the hang of monitoring and editing  and I was off. The more I got it right, the more I felt good. There was a feedback loop in the system and I felt my life expanding with its input. Magical living had begun.

 It was a bit like starting a fire. I fed it small stuff to get it going, fanning it gently with inspirational tapes and books and after a while my life was alight with joy and hope and connection.  Connection, I realised was the aim of it all. The human is after all the culmination of a consciousness that allows the dynamic flow of universal energy to manifest in this world.  As I felt and acknowledged and voiced my intention, so I received the vibration and a communication system was set up and an exchange of energy started taking place. I had tapped into the act of co-creation and it felt so good that I’ve been making sure the lines stay open ever since. Since I learned to do this my life has become immeasurably more joyful.

We have evolved into what we are today over aeons, with the purpose of becoming what we so nearly are. The time has come for us to realise the power that we share with the All. Once the blockages are cleared, our desires will become more selfless and a new world will start to take shape. This is the excitement I speak about. There is a new world forming on the other side of the chaos we see around us today, in the world out there that seems to have gone mad. Things are slowly changing. People are becoming more and more aware that our reality is what we perceive and what we create. Remember the world before the picture above changed our perception of our planet? Well now we need to take it to the  next stage when our perceptions grow exponentially until the moment of realisation arrives and everything changes in a flash. In that moment of awakening, light will flood the world and the darkness will take its place as a universal screensaver rather than the main action.

In order for this to happen we all need to realise that the Universe matches the vibration of our thoughts. Alignment needs to take place. The barometer of success doesn’t read ‘Ferrari’: it reads ‘joy’. All despondency,depression and sluggishness in the system is a cut off  from the available creative energy. Connection gives us the power of our own being;  a creative, thriving, joyful existence. Why not go for it?

Connected I am all. It is as simple as this and when I am connected all is possible. The stream of well-being flows one way from the Source ,through the consciousness of mankind into the world. This is the point of it all. Blocks are a personal choice. To allow the flow or deny it is a personal choice. Ask for what you need and then let go and get out of the way, so that it can be delivered. It’s that simple. But you have to make the decision to do it.


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