Neo-Flat Earth Debate

I can now do links! This has given me a buzz, because it means that I am now working at a resonant frequency. Links are what life is all about and to be a part of the revolution, I had to overcome my natural IT timidity and just do it. So here I am, standing on the other side of linking, looking at the view. It’s taken me 20 years of research to reach here.

 Although, as promised, teachers have appeared on the way, I have had no single mentor. No more Gurus has been my motto from the start, though I have been tempted several times, I have stayed on my own individual path and now here I am, a long way away from Shirley(Maclaine) who set me on my way. Most of my mapping has come from serendipitous encounters in secondhand bookshops in my city. As I’ve said several times I have followed The Path of Vibrating Books. It has taken me into mathematical and physics tomes that I am far from qualified to read and yet I kept going, knowing that the answer lies between.  Sometimes (often) the experts, through the very nature of their expertise, don’t think of looking there.

It helps to be a rebel. Being a heretic is my natural form. I think I must have been burned as a witch in at least one previous life and here I am sticking my neck out again. And what a time for a revolutionary to be alive -here in the midst of the greatest revolution of them all- the one that is going to bring the truth back into focus and hopefully bring this glorious planet back from the brink of the sixth extinction.

 If the 20th century was the atomic age, revealing as it did the extraordinary findings of the quantum world, this one will probably be the zero point age. We are fast moving into seeing the meaning of nothing. And there are plenty of scientists brave enough to lead the way out of the straitjacket of conventional/orthodox thinking. Men like Bruce Lipton for example or Hal Puthoff or Fritz-Albert Popp. Brave men all and others who have quietly been chipping away at the resident Newtonian/Quantum dicotomy until we can see some light coming through.

I have during the twenty years of what I suppose was an initiation, moved well away from the orthodox conviction that life is random, predatory, purposeless and solitary and that we are an evolutionary accident. Today I do not believe, as I move through my day, that I am an isolated being but rather that I am linked through my evolution to everything there is. To me life isn’t harsh and nihilistic but simple and beautiful. We are born, we live and we die and then we carry on living in another dimension. The earth- living takes place in an ocean of possibilities, each one brought into being by the magic of  consciousness.

It is that very consciousness that makes the bridge between the quantum and Newtonian worlds. It is that which creates the theory of everything that the scientists in their bull- headed insistence on double blind testing are missing, for how can consciousness map consciousness?  But it’s there as part of the soup that everything exists within, enveloping everything and everyone and all possibilities from the beginning of time even to the Omega point and nothing has any meaning except in relation to everything else. At this elemental level everything is NOW. All is connected everywhere at once. Sub- atomic flux doesn’t gel without our human consciousness. We are the key to how the world is but science can’t recognise this, so keen is it to keep the rug from slipping from under its feet.

The small, the large, the living and the non-living are all connected by the sea of vibration in the space between things (the zero point field) This is what underpins the all and links everything that exists with everything else across time and space. We live within a web, not peering over the edge into a void.

Each one of us emits and receives information from the zero point field. The exchange goes on at a quantum level and the aim of life at this level is homeostasis i.e. all lines open; all messages received. The dialogue between cells is conducted in exactly the same way as the dialogue between our consciousness and  the world (perception).

The internet maps the sea and we are pirates all, connected by our collective consciousness, sailing into new lands and daily finding new treasures. Tell me this isn’t the most exciting time to be alive. Tell me why at this time so many are depressed? When change is in the air it’s best to lie low-it’s less frightening and we live in the midst of HUGE change. For many it seems best to hang on to the notion of a flat earth but one day soon it will become irrefutable. And the earth will be seen in all its rounded and connected glory.Then, hopefully we can set-to saving it from ruin.


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