Things my Mother Never Taught Me

* Never throw a bag of rubbish into a municipal skip with the car keys in your hand.
* Wonder releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical.
* DNA is a complex electronic/biological chip that communicates with its environment.
* DNA awareness is activated by metaphor/symbol/linguistics.
* Bicarb. works for beestings; vinegar for wasps.
* I was born to challenge orthodoxy.
* The smaller it gets the larger the quantum effect.
* Water holds the matrix of life.
* Matter responds to human consciousness.
* Irreversibility brings order out of chaos in the shape of a spiral.
* The stability of matter rests on zero point energy, which is unceasing and fills so-called empty space.
* The answers to all meta questions lie in this place.
*We can individually change our DNA (see work of Pjotr Garjajev); collectively we can change the structure of our world.
* Death is the movement into another dimension.
* There are more kind people in the world than unkind.
* There is a deep seated and special connection between the unseen and the seen.
* sex is a transcendental act
* homeopathy heals.


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