The Power of the Pendulum

By now you will have figured out that in my world it is the unseen that fascinates; the space between, the pause, the silence, the zero. Everyone needs ballast as our planet hurtles through space. Mine comes from the belief that here on earth I am  living part of my existence, which was there before I came and will be there when I pass over the dead end. In my mind I am here for infinity, for my mind (mysterious though this may be) is eternal, connected as it is to Greater Mind, the one that created the blueprint of life itself.

According to Goethe, one of my favourite polymathmen, nature is alive and we humans are intimately involved in its living body. By nature he meant it all, flowers and trees and insects and animals but also rocks, crystals, water and minerals. This physical world is only one dimension but others co-exist with it. We live today in a materialist culture that doesn’t recognise that the brain and the mind are two separate and different things. Brain functions in three dimensions and works within the laws of matter, holographic mind works in many dimensions as yet uncharted. It is important, if you want to go where I go, to realise that mind is not bonded to the earth. The only difference between dimensions is speed; they co-exist like the ripples on a boating lake.

Materialists are this way because they cannot observe a basic plan, which does not mean that it is not there.  The earth is a living organism of great intelligence. We are cells in its structure. I have always found that the interesting thinkers are the mavericks, the rebels, the iconoclasts. People who would not want to smother their creativity with the straitjacket of orthodoxy. I like to tune into the off piste work of Fred Hoyle, Jim Lovelock, Dick Feynman  and Lethbridge of course, all of whom have already checked out on the dead end. TC Lethbridge did some facinating work on the pendulum. If life is a compound of matter plus mind, it is the effect of one on the other that is interesting. Lethbridge used a pendulum, pencil, a length of string and a lot of patience to map the numerical value of the seen and the unseen, following the idea that everything has a signature vibration that can be expressed by a number. What he found was that everything on earth falls between 1-39 and that the pendulum continues to give readings after 40 inches of pendulum string (the number of death) . Something happens at that death point but the spiral the pendulum maps moves beyond it. What he concluded was that life is organised, not according to the Darwinian school of evolution at all, but rather according to an elaborate scheme that an intelligence thought into being and then put into operation.  It all works outside time, space and distance.

Lethbridge was not a man to be afraid of being labelled a heretic and I have no illusions that my opinions on the subject matter one way or the other, so I have no trouble lining up with him. Darwinism (the ism gives us a clue) is a theory even now solidifying into dogma. It has provided a powerful foundation for the age of materialism, that is through its unsustainability, showing signs of flagging. But there is something wrong with it. The fossils are rather silent on the subject of diversity and variety. The dragonfly seems to have emerged in all its glory, as if according to some idea in the mind of intelligence. Life is the development of a thought all right. It is a creative act and the master plan is infinite. This is the way I prefer to see the world. I like the idea that my little mind links up potentially with all the power there is and that this part of me lasts for ever.


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