The Nature of Nothing

On my way to grab myself a pirate, I was overcome by some deep thoughts about what Paul Davies calles the ‘eerie silence’ in space.

The Victorians had a word for that space. They called it aether but the idea fell into disrepute. Now it’s back with a vengeance, as it becomes increasingly apparent that there is indeed something in the nothing. Dark energy is the description of a problem in the fine ediface of science; something it can’t quite put its finger on, so it sits there like an elephant in the room while theorists tip toe around it. They tip toe because this is a dangerous beast and has the potential to upset a lot of the structure that science is built upon.

Could it, I wonder, be connected in some way to the puzzle of why in a galaxy that possibly contains 10000 intelligent civilisations(according to the Drake equation), there has been no acknowledged contact with extra terrestial life? Could it be that the eerie silence is within our consciousness rather than out there in the universe? Could the nothing that we on earth have yet to officially name because we can’t test it,  is the same nothing that will bring us face to face with alternative intelligences?

If the universe is self-generating like the fractal landscape of the Mandlebrot Set (see above) and the big bang is just a hypothesis conjured out of the air as a cause of the cosmic microwave background radiation, then that radiation could in fact be the effect of the ongoing generation of matter out of the so-called nothing.

We might as well call the nothing aether again. It’s quite obviously something and the name is as good as any, better perhaps when you consider that it carries a whiff of humility. For the CBM has an unexpected structure, a form or a symmetry. No one can explain this yet but it’s there; more geometry and vibration than dark matter after all. As cosmology takes us further into space, so do the set theories of gravity seem to be crumbling. We have to look at plasma cosmology to map the bigger picture. The universe ,it would now appear, is driven by a unified web of electrical circuits. There are no islands in space, no gravity-held matter, no nothing; only electrical currents punctuated by cosmic storms. The aether is alive with the sound of something. It is the fifth element-the one the Mayans prophesised will dominate the coming age.

On December 21 2012, for the first time in 26000 years, the sun rises to join the place where the Milky Way and the plane of the eliptic meet, drawing a great cross of stars and planets across the sky. It will change how we perceive things.

Albert-Fritz Popp, the bio physicist who verified that all living things radiate weak but highly coherent and laser-like bio photons, believed that the magnetic light is a sophisticated information exchange. All living beings are thus connected through evolution to the energy field I’ve been describing. The exchange takes place between aether and matter on a quantum level and is characterised by a frequency of electromagnetic field action.

The factors that formed our universe are having to be reassessed in the light of new data arriving from the massive telescopes and far reaching space probes, with their new vision of  symmetrically formed  space. They are also revealing that space is not a vacuum but rather a mass of energy. Evidence is building that humans are made to interact with this invisible sea of energy, which as well as aether is now called the electro-magnetic quantum field or the zero point field. It is plasma that holds us in its arms and we are made to be held there in this medium of multidimensional aether particles. We have it in our make up to perturb the zero point field. We have the power within us to tap into and utilise its energy. This is the connecting point between physics, consciousness and life. Intent carries the power to transfer thought, via DNA photon emission, to consciousness. Consciousnesss can move energy. We can harness hyperdimensional energy to change our consciousness and affect the whole of our reality.

It is this consciousness that is to undergo a radical change in the next few years; so great a change in fact that we as a species will learn to see something that has always existed in ‘the nothing’. Change is in the air. As I’ve said before these are the most exciting times in the brief history of mankind. We are on the threshold of understanding deep in our cells the meaning of ‘we are one’ , along with its corollary,’we are not alone’.


2 responses to “The Nature of Nothing

  1. Your concepts and revelations are fascinating. Any recommendations for beginner reading on the subject?


    • Yes Joan. Tuning the Diamonds by Susan Joy Rennison, an independent researcher (much like myself) but unlike me, with a degree in physics.Its about electro magneticism and spiritual evolution. Also very readable with lots of diagrams. Allie


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