My Blogging Year

So far… Two months in and what have I learned? That blog is a shortened form of web log and that blogging is a radical, potent and addictive form of being ( I’ll have to watch the latter). That I’m not terrified of  ‘out there’, although I appreciate that blogging, like old age, is not for the faint hearted. A blog is a broadcast and not a publication-subtle difference there- can anyone help me to see it? Every time I press the publish button there is an awesome 1.5 billion potentiality released. How exciting is that? So much better than putting my writing in the second drawer down to fester into posterity.

And I’m still only beginning. So far it’s been the writing and illustrating that’s taken my attention. Soon it will be links and audios and connectivity. That after all is what it’s about. My granddaughter Laverne, who has been blogging for years, is today off sofa-surfing in the States and she’s had hundreds of well wishing comments and tips and offers of accommodation. Blogging confirms what my life so far has shown me- that human beings are more generous, supportive and loving than they are selfish, horrid and cruel. Blogging is a novel form of being and silver surfer that I am, I’m riding the wave. Geronimo!


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