The Wisdom of the Cells

I’ve always been one for a paradox and in this respect and many others homeopathy does it for me. I notice that it’s in the news again. Another creak of the paradigm shift I think to myself as they bay for blood. A Commons’ committee says the NHS should stop funding homeopathy, as the science behind it ‘is 18th-century hokum’. One day they’ll understand and their embarrassment will be as extreme as for  me today their ignorance is appalling. They simply do not yet understand what is going on beyond the limitations of the three dimensional world.

Homeopathy is both a healing art and a science. By this I mean a practitioner can go through the many years of required training and know all that needs to be known and still be unsuccessful in the act of healing, if the art has not been acquired. Homeopathy speaks the wisdom of the cells and is a deep and profound language based, not on hypothesis (like allopathy=the orthodox medical practice), but on the law that underlies life.

The human body is a contained, harmonious operation made vital by the spiritual vital force. It contains deep within its being the immaterial that animates the material. When something goes wrong with the profound order of the body, it produces symptoms like a map. Allopathic medicine, which is the resident orthodoxy, deals only with these symptoms and uses drugs to cosh them. Homeopathy follows the map back to the source of the dis-ease and by using the symptoms as a mirror removes them in a set order; above/ downward, within/out, in reverse order of the coming of the symptoms. The symptoms are an outward reflected image of the inward nature of the sickness. Homeopathy works on the principle that cracking the mirror doesn’t make the face go away. It follows the trail deep into the body, thus allowing the wisdom of the cells to do its work.

Homeopathy is seen in the material world to be sugar pills with nothing in them, doing nothing more than acting as placebos. This assessment shows a deep ignorance of the deeper nature of homeopathy and also where we’re going as the world moves towards the great transformation. As we inch forward homeopathy is becoming increasingly more relevant but it is still ahead of its time. Its veracity lies at the frontier of healing, along with with our ever-expanding knowledge of the quantum world and epidemiology. It speaks the language of nature, as opposed to  simply masking  it.

The microscope and the eye cannot go to the seat of sickness, as the causes are too fine. In fact the causes are not of the material world at all, which is why people trained in modern medicine can’t comprehend the meaning of homeopathy. They speak two different languages.  The causes of illness lie far deeper than the tissue changes that allopathic medicine tackles. Homeopathic medicine assumes that something is going on prior to these events and is a practice based on law, not hypothesis.

Nothing defines the new paradigm that is emerging as clearly as the clash between these two world views. Gradually we are coming to accept that the human being is an integrated whole and needs to be returned to a fully spiritual/energetic state when sick. Symptoms, allowed to develop, create a map that a skilled homeopath reads and responds to with remedies that work from the inside out. These remedies support the body in creating its own healing. No homeopathic medicine can possibly do harm and there are legions of people who will vouch for the fact that it works. Bodies grow out of experiences and the subtle interplay between genes and environment. As each patient is subtly different, so too is the way they utilise the vital force. This is why medication needs also to be subtle and far reaching.

There is a political agenda behind the recent rash of criticisms. The drug companies have a hold on the way the NHS is run. In fact the drug companies have a hold on the way the majority of people think. Instead of listening to the 70% of patients, many with chronic conditions, who report good results with homeopathy, the medical and scientific establishment starts from the premise of  their own testing. The antipathy to homeopathy is a very English thing. In Germany and in France there is no clash of ideals- both homeopathy and allopathy are seem to have their place and their job to do.

I have only scratched the surface of this fascinating subject  but I live in a world in which there is place for the wise healer and the chorus of symptoms that reveals the remedy. I have used homeopathy for twenty years and in that time I have grown younger and healthier, while my peers who scoff  develop all sorts of symptoms that they seem happy to let the doctors cosh. Whatever works for you, baby, but I know which side I’m on. I’m on the side of mystery and the enigmatic secret that water is still holding onto. But not for much longer! Yeah.


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