Ever since I realised that the world is orchestrated into a matrix my brain will never accommodate, I’ve been able to let go and stop living by numbers.

Remember those paint sets that we got from aunties at Christmas? Where the section numbered 6 would be (say) red and the number 8 yellow and the 10 green and so on and all we had to do was match the paint to the number and do as we were told, then pingo, at the end of a wet afternoon we’ve got a really bad but recognisable image of Constable’s Hay Wain? Well that’s not how I do Life now. Today it’s all Jackson Pollock.

The designer Marti Guixe says, ‘luxury means not having to follow convention and having the freedom to have one’s own system and make one’s own rituals.’ I couldn’t agree more. As I grow older, I grow healthier and happier, following the Big Beat. This is the paradoxof my life and the luxury in my living. I have won the battle for my freedom and I choose to take control of my health and not just turn it over to modern allopathic medicine, with its scattergun approach to illness and disease.

In health matters I am a consumer and I try to make my choices in an informed way, weighing up the physical and spiritual risks and benefits. Nature may paint by numbers but I do not. As the scale is so vast and complex, I reckon it’s a better bet to adjust the settings and let my body take care of what it was created to do. Allopathic drugs wage a campaign of cellular terrorism in the human organism. I believe, I trust, I relax in the knowledge that  if I leave them alone, consciousness and healing work hand in glove for my benefit.

In its immune system my body understands what is’ me’ and what is ‘not me’. It is this internal biological interpretation of Allie that keeps me well. My immune response is individualised for ME. Anything that hampers this sure and swift communication system is not welcome in my world,especially drugs.  Drugs target symptoms but I know that when things go wrong ,it is at a deeper level than symptoms. Only homeopathy goes deeper and allows my body to gently heal itself. It is not easy to maintain this stance when the world and its aunty are declaring in loud voices that it can’t work because the double blind tests tell them so. No test can possibly be devised to register the subtlety with which homeopathy works. If the results are engineered by belief, then I am happy to say I’m a believer, as homeopathy always works for me, often dramatically so.

I hope that one day we will as a species speak the vowels and consonants of cosmic intelligence. In the meantime I will continue to be an independent thinker, free from the deadening effects of materialism and hopefully out of the reach of allopathy. In the process I am becoming master of myself.  All my bodies, the one that allopathy treats and the others too, are well taken care of.  In my happiness and freedom I retain the soul that modern medicine is intent on destroying. I am a walking universe and one day I trust I will live in a world spoken into being by free individualised humans. But first there is work to do.


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