Small Miracles

In my world because I am on the look out for miracles they always come. The feeling that I am connected to some power beyond my everyday comprehension is important for my health and happiness. I work on this in all sorts of ways. These are extraordinary times to be alive, for we are moving exponentially towards a changing point, the turn in the history of time that is going to alter our perception and give us global awareness that we’ve never had before.

It is a time to search out and anchor oneself within groups. As any teenager will tell you, group energy is powerful. It is as if we are built to follow the power rule. If we are five for example,  the energy we will end up processing will be 5 to the power of five- that is 5times5times5times5times5 which is huge. This  is what is needed if we are not going to be blown off course in the turbulent waters ahead.

There is much to distract the pilgrim on the road today what with machines to operate and people to navigate around, it is hard work  staying focused in the now, the only place where we can find members of our soul group. It is in groups that the wherewithall is found to expand, refine and lighten one’s energy. At this time it is best to travel light; dress for a quick getaway; have a bag packed ready for all eventualities, both physical and metaphorical. This is the time to discharge unnecessary items that might hold one back or down, including people. What matters now is meaning not gathering of stuff. The days of materialism are numbered; the world is growing ugly with stuff.

In this time of viral networking it is a good idea to be in touch with the movements of one’s heart and to use the past as a springboard and not a comfort blanket. With this in mind I am glad that my relationship with Giles came to a neat end. I sent him flowers and a thank you card. Relationships are like that now-a means of fast tracking growth and lightening. As my New York friend Dizzy says, the old partners- for- life concept is outmoded, unless by lucky chance the two people develop in parallel. We haven’t time for what Aunty Mu calls hook and eye relationships. They have to go to make space literally for the new, the open, the outward going. Learning to surf the unknown is the great youthing device. Learning to let go is the single most important lesson I have ever learned. It is both the simplest and the hardest, as it involves a high degree of trust-mainly in oneself and the messages coming constantly from the solar plexus.

Intimate relationships are miracles, though I sometimes think I am not cut out for them. They tend to burn my boundaries, leaving me feeling uncontained. But I am open to the future as there are no closed doors in my life. In fact I am ready to receive miracles.

So here one comes. At my age it is difficult to attract the attention of the male. On the whole they are not as subtle as women. To grab their attention a woman has simply to be willing to don the usual semiotic signifiers; suspender belt, stockings, basque, black PVC rainwear or anything in the latex line. Since I stopped doing this I’ve become increasingly invisible. Until yesterday that is, when I had an encounter in the woods on the outskirts of town. The sun was shining and the universe was smiling through the crisp February air as a handsome man came walking his dog along the path towards me. I’ve seen him before and noted his fine catlike gait. Yesterday we stopped and talked. We exchanged names and shook hands. We both knew that something had taken place between us. I don’t know what this means or where it will lead. It was just one of those moments of potentiality that happen rarely and are therefore precious. Spring is coming and the earth is awakening. What passed between us was the whisper of desire. It may or may not be acted upon but it left me with a sense of joy at the possibilities inherent in the human condition and an awareness of the many small miracles mapping my days.


3 responses to “Small Miracles

  1. thank you Vaughan for your kind comments. One day I aspire to post from a train! love allie


  2. Not sure my comment made it through cyberspace. But I was struck by your mention that intimate relationships “burn my boundaries”. It has been my experience that they create them. And that’s the struggle.


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