Tu es un avec le Tout

Back from a couple of nights in London. How I used to love London and how crowded it has become! Crossing the centre in the 38 bus from Victoria to Dor’s doorstep, I was astonished at the crowds around Picadilly. Went to the Van Gogh at the Royal Academy and braved the crowds. As a member Dor has access to the member’s room – always a treat and I could have a good gawp at what my peers are wearing. The answer is bland, sparrow colours and necklaces and shawls, like me. But where are the men in fedoras? After 60 many of them can’t get out any more, so rich a life have they led. We enjoyed sharing a huge fricatta and a muesli bar with Redbush- we intend to be mobile for a good few years yet; so much to see, so much to do.

The Van Gogh was touching, what with the asylum and the love for Theo and the paint coming off the canvas so erect it caught the light on all sides. I also enjoyed the British Museum, a place that makes me dizzy with its treasures and timelines. This time I got the map and headed purposefully for the Isle of Lewis chess set and found it! All those cute Norwegian whalebone clerics with their naughty eyes and vivid expressions. Adorable.Especially the queen.I imagined their journey from Norway across the boiling seas to Lewis and wondered at the why?

I like serendipitous encounters, be they with people, things or ideas and this trip was full of them. Coming back on the coach I ran a mental collage of encounters, including the visit to The Japanese Shop in Picadilly (crowds and icy rain) where I bought a nosehair- trimming scissors that works. Fancy that. I always thought the Japanese such a hair free race. Another act of heroic generosity perhaps? And recalled a booklet lying idly on a surface under the impressive Buckyball roof of the British Museum. It was a French catalogue of gifts and there were the words of my old teacher Masaru Emoto. Deep thoughts always seem even more profound in French, don’t you think?

“L’eau reflete le fait que nous sommes en relation avec tout. Elle dit:-“Souviens-toi, tu es un avec le Tout-et ceci est l ‘information la plus importante.”

Words that I tried to keep in mind as I struggled to blank out the incessant chatter of the young girl in the seat in front of me on the coach. After three hours (friday traffic and road works) I was ready to pull her hair out by the roots. Have you noticed how the young have become so speedy? They talk fast and pepper their sentences with ‘like’. It’s the latest tic and  each ‘like’  is a pinprick to my soul.

I am one with the All I kept saying to myself as I tried unsuccessfully to erase her voice with Elvis and The Travelling Wilburys on my Shuffle. This morning I am grateful to be back in the peaceful Warren. I like the buzz of London a lot more when I have left it behind.


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