Playing Beyond the Dots

I’ve unexpectedly inherited a Clavinova and thus a new hobby. No, I’m not having lessons or even aiming to read music. I’m simply playing what pleases me and pressing all the buttons to give me different sounds. I suppose I’m into ambient music, like Brian Eno. In fact I aim to produce on the keyboard the feeling I tried to capture in a book I wrote called The Pebble Jar. Dreamy and reflective music that echoes my sentence structure. Mimi says that listening to me you’d never know that I can’t play the piano!

I like the way my body feels when I touch certain keys and I like the way that my fingers seem to follow invisible patterns. I am totally relaxed in this new place, as I’m not performing for anyone. Not even, and this is important, for myself. I am now playing like I paint; for the sheer exuberant spirit of being in touch with the womb of music and poetry and love.

I am learning a great deal as my fingers seek and find notes that pleasure me. I am learning simplicity and an awareness that all does not have to actually be out there; all does not have to be understood. I am playing beyond the dots.

All humans predict or estimate, as it is in their nature. So maybe like the passing tone and the excised third, the truly wonderful lies in the infinity between 0-1 or the mystery between A & B. In other words the magic lies in the predicted unspoken, for within that space we are all one.


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