Wicked Hokey-Pokey

…is crunchie honeycomb dipped in 70% dark chocolate and is divine.
We are but mortal beings and sweets remind us of childhood, give us glimses of Nirvana and touch on that place where we grew, innocent of consequencies like decay and obesity.
Here are some old fashioned sweets to tickle your memories and your taste buds. and their names?

    • Elderflower Marshmallows
    • Liquorice torpedoes
    • Coconut balls
    • Acid drops
    • Chocolate jazzies
    • American Hard Gums
    • Cola bottles
    • Candy ABCs
    • Pineapple cubes
    • Tom Thumb drops
    • Fried eggs
    • Sherbert pips
    • Black jacks
    • Crown jewels
    • Apple &custard
    • Picadilly pears
    • Dolly mixtures
    • Aniseed balls
    • Sweethearts
    • Potted shrimp
    • Army & navy
    • Bull’s eyes
    • Sour apples
    • Magic beans
    • Pear drops
    • Mintoes

Any more to add to the list?


2 responses to “Wicked Hokey-Pokey

  1. fruit salads; blackjacks;barleysugar twists;sherbet dip;licorice bootlaces;sugar mice;cough candy;

    All my favourites. There’s a lovely antique sweetie shop in Amersham, we can go and salivate on your next visit.

    Love your musings and love you too.xxxxx


  2. thank you darling Eleni. Remember you have a lovely jaw for dentures!!


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