From Burlesque to the Sublime

When my emotional life gets difficult what is there to do but dive into the brimming pool of ideas? Giles phoned. We had a difficult but ultimately healing chat. We thanked each other, recognised the differences in our relationship aspirations (he’s looking for a partner;I’m looking for a playmate) and said goodbye. I wish him all the happiness in the world. He’s a lovely but lonely man. And I have things to do. Now I guess I’ll deal with my sadness, as I always do, by trying to match the burlesque and the sublime.

Designs exist in space that we do not see until crystallisation gives them expression. This is what life is geared to do. Through aeons of evolutionary push, these patterns come to us and the place that they come from is the fifth dimension.

A dimension is a term used to describe the activities of (possibly) one seventh of the vibrations into which the universe is graded. These dimensions lie inside one another, each one more potent than the last. We are, as a species, moving closer to mastering four of these, which means we are utilising just over half the possibilities available to us. Way to go ,baby!  A hundred and fifty years ago wireless seemed inconceivable and look how that discovery changed our planet. By the time we get to five we will have  changed totally again-but in a less destructive way, for the move from 4 to 5 will be gentler and more in tune with real love-the meaning of it all.

Our progress over the last two hundred years has been based on our ability to manipulate wavelengths. As soon as the collective mind is tuned, then information flows. This information is available without words, books or media. Focus is all we need in order to see.

A summary of the first five dimensions that life is built upon.

1d   The straight line between two points. The primal push.

2d   The line taken to an angle onto a flat surface. Cohesion begins.

3d    Form linked to gravity. The curve demonstrated through all angles. Rotation and vibration are established here. All life is built in this dimension from atom to the stars.

It is 1 2 &3 together that create the third dimension. Here life expresses itself but that is not all. 1-3 do not create unity; they create separation. We have to move into 4d for unity. This is the world of subtle matter invisible to the senses. Outside the laws governing solids, liquids and gases, there is a world of rays, radiations and electrical energies that obey 4th dimensional laws and yet create concrete form. Our consciousness is implicit in this creation. We are made to reach out to this level and beyond.

The fourth dimension shows us that the closer we get to ‘reality’ the less separate things become. The 3d world is limited and if we stay in it we are limited. Moving into 4 gives us access to the limitless. Whereas what is separate makes us heavy, complicated and incoherent, what is unified makes us light, clear and coherent. Our task is to move beyond matter (3d) and learn to live with what lies behind form. We do this by adapting to a life of fusion and radiation, living  the love that does not differentiate or prefer.

Form always shows the way. The crop formations take us to the borderlands between form and meaning. We see the forms and we understand that their importance lies beyond the who and the why and the where of their creation. The summer of  ’09 produced stunning, complex forms, one of which showed in lacy detail the marbling on the wings of a dragonfly. It was as beautiful as a frost flower caught on a windowpane in winter. If the frost is formed while the sun is clouded, it takes the form of a fern( the earliest plants formed while the earth was shrouded in mist).If the sun is shining flower-shaped forms appear. Both forms exist within the same space;  conditions draw their own conclusions. In how many directions can we extrapolate this idea? When we understand this we are learning to be at home in the fifth dimension.

Then we will see how this makes nonsense of the people in the news today gulping down homeopathic pills to show they don’t work! But  we have to show ourselves up to make the breakthrough. Courtney taught me that.


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