The Fifth Dimension

My friend Flick says I devour books.”You don’t just go into them with your eyes, you do it with your whole body. Reading takes you into the zone,” she said at lunch today. She was cheering me up after my difficult weekend. She reminded me that there are other pleasures at our time of life, reading being one of them. It’s true. In times of stress I stick my head in the world of ideas. Like Elvis.

In 1963 when celebrity was starting to weigh heavily, Elvis met a hairdresser called Larry Geller, who introduced him to the sort of books I devour. I scout charity shops for them. When they glimmer I know that I am being offered a chance to move forward on my spiritual routemarch.

Elvis didn’t just read, he absorbed the contents, using links and patterns and the books ended up dogeared, with notes and marginalia. You can still see his copy of Vera Stanley Alder at Gracelands. His thirst was unquenchable; Yogananda, Krishnamurti, Madam Blavatsky and Alder, he drank deep of them all because they were offering a view, he said, of a world he had always suspected lay beyond the familiar three dimensions.

Vera admirably explains the complications of assessing five dimensions while living within a three dimensional world. And remember she was writing at about the time I was born, which was a long time ago. She described the world at the time as ‘ floundering in a morass’, so not much change there. She predicted a time when we would all start thinking with our hearts and says that it will be through science that we find the key for unlocking the secret of existence;why we are here and the meaning of it all.

Life is organised as a complete, coherent and simplified whole, each part of which sings its own song. At the moment we are moving from the separateness and egotism of three into the love, fusion and unity of four, a move incidentally predicted by Jung, who said the collective consciousness was devoted to this aim. The fifth dimension is accessed at this time only through a glimmer. It is the place where any number of forms can exist. The place of pattern. The place where the dance of growth and evolution begins and ends. The place we are moving oh so slowly towards. I wonder if, when we get there, we will find Elvis.


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