Paris Bound

I’m off to Paris in the morning and as my old grannie would have said, I’ve got a feeling in my wee wee. Texts and tweets and emails do not a relationship make and there’s been nothing else since the Christmas phone call. I wonder if the posts about Sylvester were a little tactless. I was carried away and assumed that he would be busy just before Christmas and not notice. Actually I think that if he had noticed he would have tackled me straight away. He is a grown up, even if I don’t always act like one. You know what? I’m going to let this work itself out and not second guess anyone or anything. So now I’m going to spend the evening on my outfit. Suit, high heels, stockings and a cute little pill box with big sunglasses in case I’m crying all the way home. Very Jackie O.

So until Monday I leave you with at least one post in the pipeline if Bertram remembers to send it. Hope he does as it is quite an exciting one about the power that geometry has over nature and the extraordinary Sri Yantra found in 1990 in the desert of Oregon. Till then a bientot without the accents because I don’t know how to put them in.


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