Pause for Reflection

Aunty Mu had a funny turn in the night. When I took her tea and Marmite butties this morning, she sat me down on the side of the bed and said that in the night she’d had a bad pain in her chest and she couldn’t get her breath. Then she saw (remember Aunty Mu is blind to all but the neat backsides of the French rugby team).. she saw a piece of white paper and on it was printed very clearly the words,’ Remember that when you have been lying down for a long time and you get up suddenly it is possible to get cramp in the muscles around the heart.’ So she felt reassured and went back to sleep. ‘I’m glad you are here Allie, because I know you understand about these things,’ she said and drank her tea. I can’t tell you how pleased I was to hear that because Aunty can be a little harsh on me and what she calls my ‘silly ideas’. As she moves closer to the mystery I suspect she’ll have more of these encounters with her helpers. We are never alone in times of need and aunty is in need at 98 and quite poorly after a virus or two.

Last night I too struggled with messages from afar but mine were on the negative side and suggested I was wasting my time writing a blog as I really didn’t have anything to say that people might be interested in. ‘It’s all ego Allie,’ the gremlin whispered and I quietly asked for guidance and eventually went back to sleep.

In the cool light of day I reflected on what I’m trying to do blogwise. Communicate certainly, particularly with those younger than me who might like to know what it feels like to be a lively, curious, fun, but ageing woman. So when I went on line I felt my guidance come in the sweet comment from someone called Emily who said ‘love love love the way you write- so inspiring!’ That’s all I needed. The affirmation of one is my guidance for today and I will keep going, learning as I go how to include photos, drawings and links. Don’t know yet how to do all that but hey a month ago I didn’t know how to do this! Rock on life I say. I love how it works.


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