The Musings of a Silver Vixen

While I’m stuck in Dorset persuading Aunty Mu to drink my home made chicken soup, Laverne is enjoying the increased traffic to her blog created by exposure in last Sunday’s Stella magazine, and I am learning that even a day off will create a death dive in one’s ratings. Also while I am feeling quite worthy and rather spiritual, my readers are concentrating on the carnal and commenting on things like ‘going commando’ and what not. I’m sure I’ve done it but am not sure what it is. But I am trying to keep up and that’s the important thing isn’t it? The problem is that the world has changed a lot since I followed Tommy Steele with a passion at thirteen. Now Coco Sumner of I blame Coco is quoted as saying ‘I hit my ribs on the monitors but it was fun!’ when she executed her first stage dive during her band’s performance. What on earth is that all about? Are children coming out with a desire to hurt themselves for fun? Or is it only the second generation stars? The evolution of celebrity-coping mechanisms speeding up perhaps? For I also read this week that young Riley Keough says, ‘I’ve always done this thing where I block it off in my head.’ Well, she’s her grand daddy’s girl then.

Here in Dorset the wind is blowing and I’m loving being fully here without pain and certainly without being blocked off. Therefore I was fully awake to the possibility of a small miracle when in the local shop a book vibrated gently on the periphery of my vision. It was a self published pamphlet by one Leonard Orr with some really radical ideas about the nature of physical immortality and the plague of anti-life urges sweeping the earth. I was interested to read that healing the death wish can be done through the repetition of the mantra Om Namaha Shivai, which is the eternal name of the source, or even the Source. I tried to get aunty to do the mantra but she told me to leave her alone as she was trying to declutter her brain, not the reverse.

Many years ago I met a rematerialised master who had appeared in full physical form one day under a banyan tree in a remote village outside Varanasi. The villagers built an ashram around him and there he had been for half a century not growing older in any visible way. Once a year I was told he took himself off to a local cave and stayed there without food or drink for weeks. When he emerged his skin was darker but all else was the same. In his ashram he taught me the supreme practise of self-improvement through the mantra Om Namaha Shivai.

Now I come across the very same mantra and in a book that convincingly states,’It is no accident that the secrets to eternal life are pleasurable and that the causes of death produce misery.’ And what are these secrets, these pleasurable practices, I hear you ask. Well the young wont like the answer. Meditation discipline breath work cleansing, sitting near fire or candles and leading a life of simplicity, that’s what.

Clearly I have to reconsider my musings on cleanliness in my post Carnal Knowledge! Perhaps it is the etheric body that needs cleansing with water. I know that water and the human mind have an extraordinary covalence. My work with Masaru Emoto showed me that.(Maybe I’ll blog at a later date on this). Nothing would surprise me when it comes to the relationship between mind and water.

As I’ve said, we stand on the hinge of history, a place where the spiritual and the material are slogging it out. A place where transfiguration is generally not talked about. In this world young men are killed impersonally. Press a button and thousands die. But it is well to remember that even here in modern times the law of cause and effect works. We are sent tsunamis and earthquakes to practice better love.

I like the upbeat message of Orr’s book. He says we are creatures of habit and need to develop the habit of aliveness rather than misery and death.
Live life
Love life
Feel good
be healthy
Don’t worry
Sounds good to me!

And how do we get to this place?
1)Through the awareness of the energy body
2)Purifying with earth air water and fire to clear the mind and balance the energies
3) Detoxing

So this is yoga. The aim is peace on earth. Loving myself, the people around me the world and the supreme intelligence, brings me to a place of natural divinity.

Young people need to know that when the drinking is done, the lovemaking is over, the gorgeous clothes shopped for, worn and discarded, a place is waiting for them; a place in which love and wisdom are alive and conscious and here; a place where they can feel without pain and the need to switch off. They are learning how to get there through travel.

Whatever happened to the Peace Corps, Kennedy’s young army of volunteers who spread across the globe seeding a new vision of connection? They have moved on but the spirit remains, in gap year travel and beyond. Go get it kids. Later you can figure out the ascension process and how the hell you get your body into the next dimension- which I truly believe is something that can be done, but probably not by me. I’ve spent too much time already pondering and experimenting with the pleasures of the flesh. And a forty day fast seems a tad extreme to me.


One response to “The Musings of a Silver Vixen

  1. More on how to become Immortal… can physical immortality be gained in human form… how dominating kundalini shakti and practicing celibacy human beings finally reached stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana)… became immortal… gained omniscience for all practical purposes!

    Who becomes immortal? One who after intense meditation is able to live longer compared to a normal human being or one, who does not have to manifest a body again and again and rests in peace in kingdom of god (termed Baikuntha in Hinduism)… not kingdom of heaven! Negating karma forever is reaching stage of immortality in human form!


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