A Kindred Spirit

I have lived my already long life at the crossroads of mankind and we are edging ever so slowly towards a decision. Which way to go is still the question on our collective lips. Soon we will be nudged into making the decision and then will see where it is taking us.

Elvis was a deep thinker and a quester much as I am. I suppose you are all fed up with hearing about Elvis, but I have been snowed up in Dorset with Aunty Mu and without broadband and have missed the celebration of what would have been his 75th birthday as well as the chance of writing my blog.

But two delightful men have come to my rescue and I am writing this in a bunker deep in the earth with a very active boiler to my right and machines that would not look out of place in a cockpit around me. The thing I love about men is their tenacity when faced with a challenge and their love of helping out a female in distress. In my experience this doesn’t diminish with age on either side.

But back to Elvis. He was fond of the work of Vera Stanley Alder, whose book ‘The Fifth Dimension’ has recently come to hand, vibrating gently at me in a RSPCA charity shop. ‘The future of mankind’ it says in small print right above her name. It was first published two years before I was born. More about the 5th dimension when I’ve read it.

Elvis, who was a fan of Vera’s books, first became interested in mankind’s evolution at a point in his life when shooting down the duck-shaped films the Colonel lined up for him was wearing down his spirit. His need for soul connection shines through many of his songs; gospel songs, questing songs, thoughtful songs like How Great Thou Art and The Fair’s moving On. I like the image that life is a carousel and as Elvis sings about packing up the show and moving it on to another town, I imagine my simple willow coffin being carried somewhere green and beautiful by six hunks. ‘But don’t be sad,’ I hear him sing, ‘because I’ll be back again.’ There lying between the simple foothills of the words, are canyons of great depth; soul, resurrection, and love. I love Elvis not for what he was but for what he sought to be and I am sad that his spirit was crushed and his life was cut so tragically short.


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