Grace and Gratitude

Every week I make a point of going to the Post Office to collect my pension. I do this because it helps to keep our Post Office open and also because I can say thank you to a human being for the money being handed over. I know I worked hard over the years and made my National Insurance contributions but it was for the most part done thoughtlessly, so I feel lucky to be in a position to draw on it today. The act of saying thank you surprises the staff in the P.O. but it also does something else. It opens me to a heart feeling. It makes my body feel good.

I have been given great gifts in the last ten years or so. They include good health, retirement, relationships, the impetus to write, connection, lots of laughter, the comfort of a canine, self-standing offspring, the company of young people, travel and books, books, books.

In return for the above gifts of grace, I offer my gratitude for the ability to do the following:-

*use chopsticks
*climb mountains
*bake cakes
*write books
*engage with strangers
*buy books
*read books
*be happily alone
*think joined up
*forgive the past

For all these gifts I give grateful thanks. To whom or what is not communicable.
In addition I am grateful for the sight and sound of Elvis, who always reminds me that I am a woman!


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