Oiling the hinge of history

You are watching a woman cast her skin. Like a snake I am, season by season, sloughing off layers and soon I shall emerge in the full glory of authenticity, where I will stay until the end. But first there is a little more work to do.

After posting yesterday I googled cougar, a word that had slipped in under the radar and the meaning of which, connected with older women that is, I didn’t fully comprehend. As often happens when googling, a whole new world opened up to my astonished eyes. Cougar is the name given to women-predatory sexual cats-who target younger men in what appears to me to be a most unattractive way (think Leslie Joseph). As the women mentioned were a good twenty years younger than me the information revealed was quite a lot for me to take in.

I’m beginning to understand Lala’s plea for me to develop a little more dignity in my ageing process. I think I’ve been doing well managing the externals, like throwing out the mini skirts and letting my hair find its natural salty tones. Now it is clearly time to do some work on the internals. Growing older is clearly not the same as growing up. The latter requires a lot more effort.

I’ve been reading Sylvester’s crop formation handout to take my mind off the revolting spectre of over-aged cougar women. His main thesis seems to be that they are all man-made but in the act of creation something mysterious and wonderful is released, often scaring the circlemakers witless.

The magic apparently lies not in the creation( though this is an increasingly highly-skilled craft, creating a supreme work of art) but rather in the interaction between pattern and the consciousness(es) involved.

Sylvester is convinced that crop formations are an act of intercourse between intelligence and Intelligence.Although they are man-made they are nevertheless a phenomenon. Malformations happen but they are just not filmed giving the illusion that no mistakes are ever made. There is magic at work but it lies in the realm of human creativity and human ingenuity. This is the same force that lies behind any great artistic masterpiece or elegant scientific proof. In the world of art we often wonder how the artist achieved the effect but we never doubt that it was created by human hand.

After three decades of intense and growing interest the formations hold their mystery. Yet it is the people drawn to them that create the high strangeness that results. An interaction takes place; a portal in consciousness is opened. It’s opening in me now even writing about it. The mystery is not in the field out there but lives in here with me and others like me. It therefore works like all magic spells and creates orbs of light, specific sounds and emotional sensations. It starts in the mind, opens up group mind and results in manifestations of matter.

It is exciting work making a crop circle and hard work. Part of the stress is the need to conceal identities rigorously. Made in the dark with intricate computergenerated plans, a well-drilled team, a well-chosen field, with simple tools such as ropes, tape measures, poles and of course the plank stomper (plank with loop of rope) its easy!!

It’s what’s happening in a circle once it’s photographed and put ‘out there’ that interests me. For this is the point where the collective unconscious enters the mix and something genuinely eerie starts happening. Then circles start forming themselves-not the complex computer generated ones-they are the exotic bait if you like. No what happens then is that sound vortices are formed and lights dance around and more basic circles are formed just feet away from the ever present circlemakers.

So an odd dance takes place in the fields of Wiltshire or wherever in high summer. The parameters are mapped by the people making their designs and then a cosmic dialogue starts. It soon becomes a mind-expanding conversation between thoughts, words, actions and something else.

How can being a middle aged cougar woman compete with the excitement of ideas and living at this most exciting time? Sex is fun but it doesn’t touch the mystery. Love-making does but it takes so much time and a heck of a lot of cooking and massaging to get there.

We are living on the hinge of history. We are moving ever closer to the tipping point that will change perception. It is that change of perception that I believe will bring us back from the brink to which the Industrial Revolution has taken us. Somehow the mystery draws us on, creating the wave of change. I don’t know about you but I am keeping my mind open and my surfboard at the ready for the greatest ride in history.


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