I love this lull between Christmas and the New Year. It gets me wondering and wonder, did you know, releases dopamine, the happy hormone. No wonder I live in a steady state of bliss.
This morning while others wonder whether to get dressed and go to the sales I don’t get dressed and go to one of my many notebooks and figure out some more stuff about being. Not being anything or anyone -just being. Meta questions are what I ask at times like this. I pay attention.

Like Elvis, I have always been a seeker. Unlike Elvis I have shifted my addictive tendencies towards the acquisition of key knowledge. We are, I believe, living at the most exciting, most difficult, most wonderful time ever. For we are at this moment (December 2009) teetering on the brink of a move from one dimension to another. We are at The Tipping Point that will take us from 3D to 4D. Of course all the dimensions exist in the same place at any one point but we humans, poor arrogant dabs, can only perceive a limited number. Now we stand at a point in history when we are expanding and will soon be seeing things we have up to now only intuited. This is happening because of a global rise in frequency. The world is moving away from the dense world of matter towards a finer world of spirit. Many people are writing about this change. Here is my contribution- a brief list of key nuggets of knowledge I have patiently panned over the years.

1) Matter responds to human consciousness.
2) DNA is a complex electromagnetic biological superchip that communicates with the environment (including thought).
3) Human language develops following basic patterns already existing in the structure of the genetic code. So called ‘junk’ DNA is there for expansion.
4) ZPE=zero-point energy. This is the underlying sea of electromagnetic energy upon which the stability of matter rests. It is unceasing and fills all empty space.
5) The Zitterbeweung is the jittering motion of a particle in a sea of ZPE. It is the vibrational song within which we live and open to which we thrive.
6) The answers to all meta questions lie in the void.
7) The answer to our present energy crisis lies in the quantum fluctuations of ’empty’ space.
The speed of revelation is quickening.
8) The smaller it gets the greater the quantum effect.
9) The key lies in the reciprocal effect. Homeopathy works because of this.
10) Consciousness is the key.

See what you can do when you don’t go to the sales!

There is a tremendous force behind it all, holding it in manifestation. When I feel this I know there is a plan, a purpose and a method in creation. Behind every external manifestation there is a pattern. The whole thing is a complete and simplified whole, the aim of which is integration and a world of love. So there Richard Dawkins!

All that I see this morning hangs within the patterns and designs that hold matter and our lives are rays that radiate from and in all directions. I live in a world illimitably contained in one spot. WOW!


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