Back from Marrakech

Actually I know where I am. I am just back from a few days of winter sunshine in Marrakech. I went to meet my French lover Giles but it wasn’t a total success. Giles and I have been together for eighteen months. I say ‘together’ ignoring the brutal truth that there is a channel and a two hour fast link separating us most of the time. Maybe that’s how we’ve managed to keep the show on the road for eighteen months. I am beginning to suspect that I might be a tiny bit intimacy phobic. Two days with a man and I come out in hives. Anyway I flew Ryanair to Marrakech the day after the Copenhagen summit started, with some nice cross- season gear and a heavy heart. I thought it was guilt from flying cheap at such a time but now I’m back in The Warren with time to reflect I can see that I probably sensed what was going to come.


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